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Waist training is not an easy journey. We are here to make the journey simpler and more comfortable for you. We have the widest range of waist trainers which come in soft breathable fabric making them great to wear all day long... Learn More

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If you are a beginner to waist training, we are here to help...

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What is waist training?

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The concept of waist training is not new to us. For centuries women have been known to wear corset.


Our team of health experts

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If you are a beginner to waist training, we are here to help. We have a dedicated team of health experts...


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Basics of waist training for the absolute beginners

Among the many fitness routines followed, waist training is one of the most popular ones. But why is it so popular? What does it really do? Let’s find out.

What is waist training?

The concept of waist training is not new to us. For centuries women have been known to wear corset. This is a method used to alter the silhouette by trimming the waist. A waist cinching garment like a corset is used to permanently change the shape and size of the waist. In the ancient times when fashion and body image was perceived much differently, an hourglass was considered to be one of the most beautiful and feminine body shapes. To achieve this a corset was used.

Corset or waist cinchers when used, in the long run, will lead to a little internal changes in the position of some of the internal organs. This eventually leads to the hourglass figure by reducing few inches at the waist. Unlike body shapers, this one is believed to give a more long term effect. The effect however is not a permanent one. One might have to continue wearing a waist trainer for a more pronounced effect.

Taming the waist vs. training the waist- which one do you need?

Cinchers, corset, shapewear are all confused terms when we talk about waist training. There is a fine line between each of these.

Shapewear is a simple short term solution. If you are looking to wear a fitted silhouette outfit and wish to hide that tiny tummy flab, or love handles, you can simply slip into a shapewear. This would get you going for the evening.

Corset and waist cinchers are different mainly in the material. This also leads to the results observed.

If you are looking for a very minimal result you can choose a waist cincher. This comes usually in latex, nylon or spandex combination fabric. These can be conveniently worn even during workout sessions. This is also a little more flexible and so sleeping with a waist cincher on is easier than sleeping with a corset. It comes with easy hook fasteners in most cases. This makes it quick to put on and take off as well. Waist cinchers are generally used to reduce the bulk in the abdomen. They do not offer a very visible reduction in the waist line.

Corset is what you need if the aim is to get a curvy hourglass silhouette. This is usually made of satin, leather or cotton. The noticeable different between a corset and a waist cincher is the fastening options that come. Corsets usually come with lacy back, steel boning and lace tie up opening in them. With corset, you get tight lacing design which gives you a perfect hourglass figure instantly. This can be made a long term effect if you wear a corset for a relatively longer period. Corsets, though appear tight on the outside, are usually breathable. This makes them comfortable to wear for long time. You can wear a corset under the garments or over them. One major benefit of corset is that it also offers a good back support. If you invest in a good quality corset, it would come a long way in helping you in your waist training. The only downside to wearing a corset is that it takes time to put it on. Also, corsets can be comparatively more expensive than waist cinchers. For some of the best collections in corsets and waist trainers, check out this page https://royallioness.com/

Buying a waist trainer:

So if you have made the decision to buy a waist trainer, then comes the confusion about choosing the right one. Once you know the difference between corsets and waist cinchers, choosing one must be a bit simpler. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you buy your waist trainer:

  1. Material of the fabric:

    Waist cinchers go under the garments. So choose a cincher whose fabric is smooth on the skin. This would make it comfortable to wear. Also look for something that comes with a breathable material.

  2. Fastening system:

    This is the one part of the waist trainer that actually matters the most. Take your decision based on what you primary concern is- is it ease of putting on the waist trainer or tightness it delivers.